A human being is the sum of his/her experiences.

76 Training and certificate in hairdressing Erlangen, Bavaria
80 Work experience StellenboschSouth Africa
81 Work experience JohannesburgSouth Africa
85 Master's degreeNuremberg, Bavaria
86 Business launch
03 RelocationGerberei 19, Erlangen
04 Training in cosmetics and makeup art
05 Training in massage techniques and pedicure
06 „Umweltpakt Bayern“ certificate
07 20-year business anniversary
08 Training in skin and hair treatments CulumNatura
09 Training in energetic facial treatments
10 Training using micro organisms
11 Training in integral/energetic haircuts
11 25-year business anniversary
13 Health consultant GGBLahnstein, Rheinland-Pfalz
13 KNEIPP® consultant GGBLahnstein, Rheinland-Pfalz
14 Organization of health consultant gatherings
15 1st public event of the Health Forum Franken
16 Training as Kneipp® TrainerBad Wöhrishofen (SKA Sebastian Kneipp Akademie)
16 30-year business anniversary ❤
17 Lectures on hair and skin, also Kneipp®
18 Lectures on hair & skinConsumenta, Nuremberg Fair
19 Training as a Nordic Walking trainerLicense of the DNV (German Nordic Walking and
Prevention Association e.V.)