Nature and Hairstyle

You are unique and have individual needs, – you, – your hair and your skin.

My name is Mona Redlin. For over 40 years, I have valued a harmonious interaction between personality, high quality hair care and a unique customer experience. A challenge that always remains exciting for me and my customers.

At my work, I only use non-toxic, non-hazardous hair care products. I have made excellent experiences with these products. My products are free from silicone, antistatic agents, emollients, disinfectants, foaming agents, paraffins, chemical colors and fragrances.

During your visit you will enjoy a quiet ambience. There are no other customer treatments taking place at the same time and no direct mirrors. That may sound unusual at first. We are in direct contact and I am completely there for you. That is how I create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere

I look forward to meeting you! Trust me, you will enjoy it.