My consulting includes the following topics


Our health depends crucially on what we daily eat. In one-to-one counselling, II will explain the importance and relevance of the right nutrition as well as associated risks. Together we reflect on your eating habits to initiate small changes that have a big effect on your well-being, your energy and your body weight without any malnutrition. In addition, I am happy to offer you my support in nutrition-related diseases.

For the two-hour individual counseling, I charge 130€ Follow up support
1/2 hour / 25€
Prices incl. VAT

The water application with the freshness kick. Air, water, cold and light are used as natural medicines to increase your quality of life. A hard brush can serve as a replacement for a hailstorm.

  • lectures, individual and group courses
  • proper handling of air, water, cold and light
  • vascular training, beauty casting
  • creation of a weekly schedule
  • Kneipp utensils are available here in the shop.



With the 7 Steps method you can learn the correct way to walk with  sticks.

The whole body workout is a joint-friendly sport for women and men who want to keep fit or get fit again.

7 reasons to start with NORDIC WALKING:

  • easy to lern for everyone
  • low cost as it does not require expensive equipment
  • ability to exercise everywhere
  • invigorates body, mind, soul
  • enjoyable group exercise
  • keeps you fit, brings vitality.

    On my own, I „WALK“ according to the ALFA technique for several years now and it’s getting even more interesting which changes I can sense in my body! Start now with the right method, the ALFA-TECHNIQUE.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Single training / group course